Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Shop for What?

Okay. I did it. I made my first foray into the world of all-out organic food shopping. I spent $69 yesterday on new foods.

For my first step in my integrative/functional medicine journey - the elimination diet - I have 10 days to eat or drink foods that are mostly foreign to me. Some, like roasted veggies and fresh fruit are not new but the following have me trying really hard:

  • A new protein drink rather than Boost. It has no sugar or carbs or FLAVOR. Blah. Dr. Akoury is helping me find an alternate.
  • Almond butter. First of all, I never liked peanut butter and I'm not particularly fond of almonds either. I have yet to try this gooey paste. 
  • Stevia is a natural sweetener that I bought in packets. Since I'm off all sugars, this was a nice addition to my tea tonight.
  • Rice milk. Haven't taken the plunge yet. Scared. 
  • Puffed rice. Haven't tried it yet and - no - Rice Krispies don't cut it. Too many additives. Seems like it will taste like paper but if I put enough bananas and strawberries in it and add the rice milk???
  • Tapioca bread because it's gluten free. I find it surprisingly light and toasts fine with Lox instead of my usual bagel. 
  • Sea salt. Since I don't salt my food, I figure I can use this as a seasoning, as needed.
  • Melon, strawberries, sweet potatoes, Portabello mushrooms, zucchini and squash. Love them all and always ate them. 
  • Squash soup. Always liked it, especially with chicken and greens thrown in. I couldn't find the kale though. 
  • Rice pasta. I am very afraid. 
  • An organic vinaigrette. I put some on top of the roasted veggies. Yum. 
My diet can't include raw veggies or nuts or beans that would all be allowed for a 'mornal' person but not for me with gastroparesis. And I can't have dried fruits or anything that is difficult to digest. 

I found all these things at the regular supermarket. Tomorrow I am going to the organic market and do some more exploring for tasty things and purchase organic chicken or turkey. Yeah, I'm that whacko in the aisles with my reading glasses peering at labels like they are the next John Grisham novel.

Even just one day into this, I am CRAVING CARBS!!! Where are my cookies and cake? And I am missing my dairy - eggs, yogurt, ice cream. 

But I'm keeping busy with work. Took a long walk by the Hudson River with a new MeetUp group for people who work at home and want to get out for a break during the day. And - finally - my book and website are coming together. I'm still shooting for the end of April for publication. It's very exciting. 

Food, glorious food! It's a whole new world that I am finally ready to explore for health benefits that I expect to be life-long. 

Food, glorious food. From Oliver, the musical. 1968


  1. This reminds me of something I heard my Mom say once. She said, 'Some people eat to live but, I live to eat'. That woman loves food but, her passion is onions. She would eat then on her cereal if she thought they had more potassium than bananas. Keep it up, you can do it. I know you can because you are eating to live!

  2. Rice pasta is really pretty good, just don't cook it as long or it will be a ball of mush! Good luck with it all! Don't think of it as a diet, but as a turn for the betterment of your health. And 10 days isn't so bad, then you can start introducing more good stuff. Kale! I never liked kale until Candace told me what to do with it. I make a chicken broth, onions, garlic, kale, oregno and squeezed lemon. MMM....or just sauté with onions and garlic in coconut oil (I think that's allowed?) I've not been a strict "elimination diet" follower, probably will in the future, but I have learned from last year's experience to make better choices and it's helped a lot.

  3. Thanks ladies. Working it out - s l o w l y.


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