Monday, August 11, 2014

Writing Process Blog Hop: "Tag! I'm it."

Thanks to writer and colleague Jillian Maas Backman author of Beyond the Pews, a fascinating tale of how Jillian grew up as a pastor's daughter yet found she was connected to other spiritual experiences outside her bricks and mortar church, I've been tagged to participate in the worldwide Writing Process Blog Hop. Each participating writer agrees to answer a few simple questions everyone wants to know; that is, how does a writer do what he or she does?

What am I working on? 

Oy! Everything! I'm revising and updating my book DYING TO LIVE: Running backwards through cancer, Lupus, and chronic illness that was first published in June 2013. I'm also working as a ghostwriter on two book projects and have a new client that is interested in various marketing communications materials. I try to keep up with my blog that helps educate and heighten awareness of the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study ( that scientifically proves if you are neglected and/or abused as a child you are highly likely to get sick as an adult. This past year, I've included writings on suicide prevention and how survivors fare since my dear brother completed suicide last August. Admittedly, I've taken a bit of a break this summer. 

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Raw honesty. I am not afraid to talk about anything that has happened to me personally while respecting the privacy of those around me. Those who have read my book and my blog posts appreciate the opportunity to identify with things that people don't usually talk about. I bare my soul. With client work, I always find the 'hook,' or the one thing that is usually buried within all the information they provide and that's the 'aha' moment that drives my marketing pieces.

Why do I write what I do?

Mostly to heal and to retain my sanity. I also enjoy entertaining myself and my readers. I always inject humor into everything I write and one of my favorite credos is find the funny. I have learned that even in the most dire of situations or circumstances, there is joy somewhere, somehow, some way - we just have to look for it.

Up next on August 18th is Delilah Jones of Imagine Publicity  followed by Donna R. Gore a.k.a. "Lady Justice," host of Shattered Lives radio program and premier blogger on August 25th. Donna's first book will be published soon.


  1. Will you be able to share, at a later date, anything about the ghost projects? Keep writing Amy. <3

    1. Sure. I should have 'tagged' you in this. Would you like to do it? If so, you can have September 1. I'll add you to this blog and update it.


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