Saturday, February 16, 2013

Asteroids and Meteors

We're all familiar with the saying that Saturday Night Live's Julia Sweeney made famous in her skit, memoir and one-woman show: "When you make plans, God says ha!"  I've had some interesting experiences in these past two weeks that have, once again, cemented my belief that things happen for a reason when the time is right. Shake, rattle and roll... Just maybe that asteroid or meteor was meant for me.

First, for fun, I had my Tarot cards read by Jennifer Johnson (a lovely lady both inside and out) at a Mardi Gras party on Fat Tuesday. It was a 'mini-reading' but with five cards laid down and the meanings given to me for each, I was somewhat taken aback. They were spot on. But Jennifer, who is quite the professional I must say, explained that she was just telling me what each of my drawn-from-the-deck cards represented. She never spoke of me personally because she didn't pretend to know me or my situations. It was my job to absorb the information and see if it was relevant. It was and it threw me off course a bit.

My professional photographer friend took my "book cover" photo and I am pleased with the results. Now I am no longer a woman with sunglasses holding her dog, but a writer sitting at her computer. The pose was painful, I'll admit; but, damn, Sherry Vance knows what she is doing. Click on her link and take a look at some of her amazing photos. The prices on that site are stupidly high so if you're interested in any of them at a reasonable price, let me know at

Then I was given a wonderful blessing by being able to spend several hours with two ladies who will now play a very important role in my life - Delilah Jones of Imagine Publicity and Dr. Dalal Akoury, founder of the AWAREMed Health and Resource Center who is a pioneer in the field of integrative medicine. Delilah rearranged my puzzle pieces deftly. She answered my questions about social media marketing and suggested that I start an internet radio show so I can share all that I've learned about health and wellness with others and referred me to my pal Denny Griffin, true crime author, private investigator and radio host of CrimeWire where he regularly interviews former mobsters, I will launch my own Blog Talk radio show called "I Told You I Was Sick" on his InsideLenz network in upcoming months. With Dr. Akoury, I am going to take a huge step forward in caring for myself and my numerous chronic ailments by starting and blogging about my personal journey through integrative medicine. After nearly 16 years as a 'professional patient' of traditional medicine, I am going to try something new during the last third of my life and bring you all along for the ride. As Doctor Akoury says: "Health is the new wealth" and I've just got to give it a try.

My memoir and book proposal are done. It's being pitched to agents. I'm almost finished with my website. I've signed up with all the social media network sites - FacebookGoogle+, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc. and I ask you to please share the links with others. And I'm not sitting still while my editor pitches my book. I am going back to's CreateSpace to self publish which is truly the modern way to attract readers and the eye of more traditional publishers.

Finally, I have also started filling out the paperwork to become a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for children in the foster care system; something I've wanted to volunteer to do for many years. If the social services system currently in place was in place when I was a child, I would have surely been removed from my home. As a foster and adoptive mother now, I can't wait to help other children who may be floundering and need another voice in the courts. I know many of the States' children and family services programs are a muddle right now, but I'm ready to dive in and help affect change in whatever small or large ways I can.

So for just two weeks in South Carolina where I can think and work and spend time in solitude, I've been guided to map out a new plan and I doubt it is mere coincidence that all of these things are coming together now. It is the proper time and I am being guided by a force greater than myself.

Most of all, I promise to be faithful to you, my readers, and deliver information that is important and relevant to good health and living a life that is always kind and wise. I am blessed to have you travel alongside me.

Watch out for asteroids! You never know when they are going to shake up your life.

Amy at five-years-old.


  1. Loving this piece Amy. Your desire to become an advocate for children within the system is laudable. It reflects the both the pain and the healing that you have experienced. I honour this place in you. With much love, Vicky.

    1. Thank you so very much for your kind words. I am indebted to all who have made this possible.


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