Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Today is the day...

So this is it. I've started a blog at the advice of my supreme mentor, Laura Shaine Cunningham, author of Sleeping Arrangements and A Place in the Country, two memoirs that helped inspire my own.

After writing for over 20 years for others (clients, corporations, not-for-profits, CEOs, etc.), I decided to start writing for myself about two years ago. The result is a manuscript that tore the heart out of my very soul while writing it. But it was also a healing process; the proverbial catharsis, if you will.

What I learned is that we are all survivors - of something. My story may be alarming - extreme family disturbance including parental neglect and mental illness, cancer, Lupus, tragedies that would have made others fold their cards quickly.

But I didn't. Why? I simply don't know. Exploring the why we survive the unsurvivable is the crux of this blog. I hope you will join me on my journey.


  1. You are a brave person to put all this down in writing. It will encourage others to do the same and by doing so learn more about themselves and the inner strength they have.

  2. Can't wait to come here daily and read. By the way, this is Maddie Madison (BJ).

  3. Amy Sue Where Are You puts the exclamation point after human spirit. All those years we worked together you told me little snippets of your life. I had no idea the weight you carried. I would have crumbled long ago. But you write a book about it. But that is what you do. Write. And exquisitely so, with a sense of humor. I hope this book soars on outstretched wings. The tenacity with which you've held onto life is something others should hear.


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