Friday, July 20, 2012

A FRESH START...  I've decided to change the name of my memoir to DYING TO LIVE: A Story of Courage and Triumph. Writing about oneself is difficult if not confounding. I read passages I wrote two years ago and think they should be completely changed or moved. The book ends, yet I still continue my journey. My amazing editor has patience as well as brilliance; so on I go.

However, I have been whacked in the back of the head with news of a colleague's Stage IV cancer. There is so much I want to tell her but it is impossible to help guide someone else's path through diagnosis and treatment. There is too much I want to share but don't. I know I wouldn't have been receptive during my dark duel with cancer and it is her right to gather or search for information when she is ready for it.

My deepest wish is that, with grace and God on her side, she will also triumph - the courage is already there.

So, I'm still here and kicking myself to get back in gear. This is what my colleague would want and I will honor her by keeping on working on this book to someday help others.

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