Monday, December 31, 2012


A new year. So what? It's just another day forward. Just another Tuesday.

But for many of us the specter of a new year is daunting. We worry about our health and the well-being of loved ones. We wring our hands over the Fiscal Cliff. We think about those who have left us - too soon, or in their right time to be with God. Instead of jolly, many of us become melancholy.

Our children will celebrate and ring in a new year with glee. Others both sane and insane (in my opinion) will trek down to New York City's Times Square and make the hours blur into one until the million dollar 'ball' drops. I had my years, too, when I celebrated throughout the night, dancing and drinking with friends. I doubt I'll make it to midnight this year.

Do I have any resolutions? Sure. I always do. Most of all, I resolve to just keep living and giving and moving and grooving. That trite sentence packs a wallop. Trust me.

I had reason to review my medical history recently because I update it in a Word document all the time. I have had so many surgeries and hospitalizations and take so many medications that I can't possibly fit the words into the small spaces on doctor's input forms. So I just hand them my packet and am done with it. Looking at it this time, since it dates back to 1984, I got a much-needed reality check. And I spent last night wondering if there's been enough time for my body to right itself; to rid itself of all the poisons and trauma it has experienced. Do I have time left to do the things I dream about?

Yes. I do. I must. I will. There is no other option for me. I won't allow it.

You, too, must will yourselves to carry on. If you're alive, you have choices. If it's a bad health day, let your body and mind rest. If not, get to it. This may sound harsh but I don't have time to suffer and I hope you don't either.

On Tuesday, I dismantle my Christmas tree. One goal but I may do more. And on Wednesday, I get back to hooking up colleagues who can make important justice work move forward and I will work on my book proposal. My husband's new health issues may have canceled our trip South but no matter; we adjust and carry on.

What will your Tuesday bring?

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