Friday, June 28, 2013


Okay. I said it. Moving just plain sucks. And if you've got an autoimmune disorder like Lupus, you're almost guaranteed a 'flare,' a painful return to a body that hurts all over (even the skin!) and fatigue that's unrelenting.

While moving from one residence to another does not make America's top ten list of stressors, I believe it should be number 11. The physical toll it has taken on me is immeasurable.

We've moved twice in the past year, plus moved my son into his own apartment in Manhattan - a feat that requires you actually DRIVE a truck in gridlock, dodge taxi cabs and traffic cops, and double park your way to hell, if the reactions of passing motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians is any indication,

BUT IT'S ALL GOOD! The moves are positive steps in our lives and we are settling in. Twice, now, I've had to look at all my stuff and decide what I want to keep. I use the old trick of thinking if there was a massive fire and I lost every material thing I own, what would I miss the most? It works - sort of.  You still end up in your new place with a lot of junk and fill trash bag upon trash bag of unnecessary things.

We are a lucky nation in that we can possess as many worldly goods as we like or can afford. But as comedian George Carlin said in his famous narrative, "Stuff," we only buy or rent properties to store our stuff; otherwise we could just walk around as is. I wish I could fit all my stuff in one backpack but that would just hold my medications and supplements. Maybe that's all I need?

But, I am blessed. I am so grateful to be able to make this latest move - launching one son into his own apartment (a new stuff collector) and continue our family's trend towards downsizing. With two permanent places to hold our stuff (one in South Carolina and one in New York), I am doubly blessed. And the third location - my son's new apartment - is for his stuff only (even though we get to keep a little of it for storage).  So, damn you, flare. You ain't gonna stop me!

* * * 

Amid all this, many of you know I have launched my first book: DYING TO LIVE: Running backwards through cancer, Lupus, and chronic illness. I have had one book signing event and three more are planned. And I will be on Soul Sista Radio on Monday, July 1, 8pm EST with host Tracey Murphy ( I have another radio gig on July 18th with Angela Schaefers of Your Story Matters. Details to follow. The book is selling well and will be available on Kindle very soon. Thank you!

Now, if I could just master this social media marketing stuff!

Illustration courtesy of The Washington Times Communities Section

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