Monday, December 3, 2012

Tolerance for Illness

I admit I don't have much tolerance when I lose a day or days because I am beaten up by one of my chronic ailments. I get angry and disappointed. I think that just because I have a strong will, I can fend it off and "win" the battle.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

The body is what the body wants and it will do whatever it tells you to do. But that doesn't mean I can't get sad or scared or lonely. I spent the day in bed yesterday - sleeping mostly, but also railing against my ills once again. Not a good sign.

How many 'new normals' does one person have to accept? As many as it takes, I rationalize because I know I want to be here for the next one. And on a Sunday! That's one of the few days that my whole family might be together to watch football or have a meal or just talk and joke around. I hate it.

Okay, enough self pity. Enough anger. I know others who have it a lot worse than me, but does saying that really ever help? It does and it did and I know many of my readers relate to this kind of thinking.

So, I will make that critical doctor's appointment that I've been putting off. I will face whatever I need to face and be brave and proud and strong. But if I cry for five minutes, will you understand?

I hope you have a pain-free day and keep on trying no matter what. Love to all..


Diagram Credit: Dr. Michael Cousins, an Australian researcher who believes Chronic Pain should be a legitimate diagnosis unto itself. 


  1. I agree with Dr. Michael Cousins!

  2. I'll cry 10 minutes, just so you don't have to cry your 5 minutes...if you need me to? It's not a problem, I'll already have a snotty nose and swelled eyes. ;-) Anything for you my friend. When you think you are at the bottom of your rope. Tie a knot and hang on...the ride has just begun!!!


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