Thursday, December 6, 2012

What day is it?

As we are now well into the holiday season that starts with Halloween and ends, in my jaded opinion, with the only month that has no official holiday (August), I wake up and think it's Friday when it's Monday; or Wednesday when it's Tuesday and so on. I know many of you do, too.

But looking at it in a more metaphorical sense, the simple question, "what day is it," can be whatever we choose it to be. For example, This day, for me, is a rest and catch-up day. It's also a day when I select to listen to holiday music of my own free will, rather than being assaulted by it in retail stores, supermarkets, or train stations. Music of this season makes many of us sad and constant, unsolicited reminders of holiday time is difficult.

When my children were young and leaving to catch the school bus, I would say 'make a great day' instead of 'have a good day.' They hated it. But I secretly hope it is a phrase they will use with their own children. Or, perhaps, they think of it on their own now as young adults. This is exactly what Dr. Wayne Dyer writes and speaks about, especially when it comes to personal challenges, dreams and/or goals. Each day is in your hands and so are the personal manifestations of health and wellness you seek to achieve.

Delving further into our psyche, The ACE Study (Adverse Childhood Effects) helps me understand why I am the way I am and forces me to choose what to do with a day. This is because I observed firsthand how my own family threw so many days away due to dysfunction, mental illness, and outright self-abuse and abuse of those around them.

But this is just my experience. Those with chronic illness can not and should not try to find definitive links to anything that may have 'caused' their disease. Even in my case - although I think I have it figured out - it is highly possible that I would have been prone to getting cancer and Lupus regardless of how I grew up. Writing my memoir has been like conducting a research project. It didn't start out that way but one day I decided it was. It was a Tuesday, I think.


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