Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I Need Who?

My son introduced me to the fabulous entrepreneur and best-selling author Guy Kawasaki by sharing the business guru's latest book, Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions. A book geared towards self-starters for sure, it is his 10th work in which he inspires, goads, challenges and encourages us to be our best selves in business.

I've been reading it carefully - with an eye toward personal growth as well as how to successfully market my book - DYING TO LIVE: Running backwards through cancer, Lupus and chronic illness that is finally being published next week. (Watch for the official announcement!) There are a number of pieces to the marketing puzzle - not the least of which is social media marketing - as well as assembling a team to support me through it all. This, I feel, is exactly like I've had to do with doctors and specialists for the myriad of physical and mental events I endure living with chronic illness.

But I was absolutely struck on page 109 of Enchantment where author Kawasaki writes about assembling your team. He doesn't use words like chief executive officer, or accountant, or lawyer, or software developer, he uses completely unique terms that I am quoting and paraphrasing here:

Advocate - Takes the side of your customers, believers and followers; the champion inside the organization.
Skeptic - Provides a doubting attitude to both positive and negative news; challenges ideas to make them better.
Visionary - Has a clear idea of how your product and the marketplace will evolve; anticipates the needs of your believers.
Adult - Makes things happen in an efficient, cost-effective and legal manner; checks the rear, side, above and below views.
Evangelist - Sells the dream of how your cause can make people's lives better; uses emotion, intellect and persuasion.
Rainmaker - Closes deals.

Some of these roles can be filled by the same person. I need these people.  

I read this page over and over and over again. It makes so much sense but we get so caught up in the traditional organizational chart that we don't select people by their quality or ability to accomplish the above. Maybe the most seasoned business owners and entrepreneurs do, but Mr. Kawasaki is certainly brilliant in his assessment and I hope he doesn't mind the plug.

As my book gets purchased and passed around (crossing my fingers for luck) and I (with careful planning and hope) move onto speaking engagements, a radio show, book signings and whatever else comes my way, I know that I need a top-notch team.

I already have some team members, I think, but I need others. Could you be one of them? I'll gladly accept nominations.

Amy Susan Crohn

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